Ultimate Reusable Cutlery Set with Boba Straw and Metal Chopsticks

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Made of eco friendly materials, the ECOWRAP by MULI is a great alternative to single-use, disposable plastics. Americans use more than 100 million pieces of plastic utensils and plastic straws every day. Each piece can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Only a fraction of it are being recycled, most of ends up in landfills and are being washed away into the ocean. Refusing single-use and bringing your own set of cutleries is a simple way to fight plastic pollution.

Our ultimate reusable cutlery set contains sustainably made, compostable bamboo utensils and stainless steel chopsticks andstraws all wrapped in a 100% cotton pouch. It is lightweight and easy-to-carry when eating away from home.

Set includes:

1 Bamboo Spoon 19.3 cm

1 Bamboo Fork 19.3 cm

1 Bamboo Knife 19.3 cm

1 Stainless Steel Silver SquareChopsticks

1 Stainless Steel Angled Straw 21.5 cm

1 Stainless Steel Boba (Milk Tea) Straw

1 Cleaning Brush

1 Eco-friendly Lightweight Cloth Pouch

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