Natural Abaca Kitchen Sponge

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Zero waste your kitchen with the reusable natural abaca sponge.

Made of abaca strings and cotton cloth scraps, this heavy-duty sponge is great for washing plates, pans and other kitchenware.

It is plastic-free and biodegradable.

How to Use:

  • Use like a regular dishwashing sponge.
  • Dry after use to prevent unwanted molds and germs from forming
  • Wash with warm water and best to boil in water to sterilize your sponge

This product may last months or even longer depending on how it is used. To dispose this item, remove the cloth filling inside the sponge, the abaca strings may be tossed in the compost or bury it in the soil with your plants, the cotton cloth may be recycled or disposed properly.

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Product is made by hand in the Philippines

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