It's the right way to go!
Life is hectic, between work and home responsibilities, sometimes it is simpler to just order food to go than to toil over a hot stove. Though doing “to go” is a solution to a busy lifestyle, it could be one of the causes of plastic pollution. Why? Because of the single-use disposable plastics utensils and straws that come with your to go food order.

That’s why ECOWRAP cutlery set is a wonderful discovery! It’s a whole set of sustainable bamboo and stainless steel utensils and even comes wrapped in a travel pouch. Owning an ECOWRAP set is one person’s way to help fight plastic pollution.

ECOWRAP is made of eco-friendly materials so it’s a great alternative to plastic utensils and straws. Each set contains one bamboo spoon, one bamboo fork, one bamboo knife, one bamboo straw, a stainless steel angled straw and a cleaning brush for the straw. All this wrapped up in a 100% cotton pouch!

It’s so lightweight, it’s easy to carry in your purse! So it’s great for to go orders or when you’re on the go—for office lunches, picnics, camping, traveling, outdoor events.

But what’s really the benefit of switching from a simple plastic fork to a bamboo one?
Let’s count the ways:

1. IT’S PORTABLE – All the utensils you need for a meal outside the home is contained in a lightweight cotton pouch you can easily carry in your bag.
2. MATERIALS THAT MATTER – Bamboo is easy to grow, pesticide free and biodegradable. Stainless stell is extremely durable and it’s recyclable!
3. USE AND REUSE – Just wash your set and care for it properly and it can last you for years!
4. THEY LOOK GREAT-Bamboo utensils look more stylish and sophisticated than plastic ones.

But why bamboo? Because grows quicky and it can be harvested without deforestation. The plant doesn’t die after you harvest the bamboo you need. Bamboo grows incredibly quickly and can be harvested without deforestation, because the plant doesn’t die after harvesting. Bamboo produces more oxygen and can help reduce carbon dioxide in the environment. Bamboo regenerates automatically, no need for replanting! It can also help reduce toxins from the soil.

And using bamboo utensils instead of plastic is one way to help stop plastic pollution. Yes plastic pollution is a real thing! So much of the plastic waste ends up in the ocean, up to 80%. That’s why we see all these videos of bodies of water covered in plastic or animals tangled up in plastic waste. Studies have shown that by 2025, there could be more plastic than fish by weight in the oceans!

Yes using plastic may be easy, but is it really worth it? Especially when something as easy to use, carry and easy to buy as ECOWRAP is now available!

So next time you order head to the fast food restaurant, family outing or order take out, say no to plastic and say yes to bamboo. It’s definitely the easy and the right way to go.

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