Making the Zero Waste Move in 2019
We’ve all been guilty of taking this Earth for granted, so for 2019, let’s make an effort for zero waste. After all, we only have one Earth, so it’s important that we take care of it. 
There’s no need for grand gestures, just start using products everyday that can be resumed fully back into the system.   We can start with ordinary household items like the Abaca Dishwashing Sponge and the Gugo Bark.
Did you know that the dishwashing sponge you use in your kitchen contains plastic? Yes, that ordinary rectangle you use to clean your pots and pans, that you replace very few weeks or months, is actually non-biodegradable!  What may seem like harmless can actually end up filling landfill or gets thrown into the oceans harming sea creatures.
So for 2019, make the zero waste move to the Abaca Dishwashing Sponge.  It’s made of abaca strings and excess cloth from the unpaper towels as its foam.  It can last for years, or even decades. It’s great for pots, pans and various kitchenware.  Just make sure you wash and dry it regularly to prevent unwanted germs.

When you take your shower, you can help the environment by using Gugo Bark instead of your usual shampoo.  Switching to gugo bark eliminates the need for shampoos sold in plastic bottles, plus the gugo bark is easily compostable.
Gugo, is a very large forest vine plant found throughout the Philippines and is extensively used for washing hair and for hair treatments. Gugo contains Saponin which effectively cleanses the hair, prevents dandruff and strengthens the hair strands thus preventing split ends.  It can also prevent hairfall.
Just soak the bark in cold water for about an hour, squeeze out the juice from the Gugo Bark.  It will create a lather that you can use to cleanse the scalp and the hair.  
So you reduce plastic waste, help the environment and have healthy hair to boot! What more can you ask for?
Make 2019 a great year for you and for the Earth! Start making the move to Zero Waste in your own home with the Abaca Dishwashing Sponge and Gugo Bark. 

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